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Bandwidth Optimization

Due to the increase in bandwidth demand, brought on by the introduction of smartphones, Service Providers are experiencing increasing bandwidth demands, which has led to wide spread network congestion from the edge to the core of the networks. SAT-2K’s bandwidth optimization solutions increases capacity quickly within the backhaul segment of a deployed network; boost efficiency; reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs; and deliver efficient use of current infrastructures. 

Importantly, the solutions provided are not only limited to bandwidth optimization but also result in an increase in customer experience, satisfaction and retention, as well as provide the ability to support more subscribers and rollout of new services while bandwidth costs stay the same. We have completed a large number of optimization projects for carriers throughout Africa. SAT-2K continues to implement optimization and compression solutions as the GSM carrier networks grow to cope with the ever growing demand for more bandwidth.

The optimization solutions that are offered are not limited to a specific part of the network or specific forms of transmission. The optimization solutions operate from the edge to the core, between cores and over fixed line, microwave and satellite transmission.