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Equipment Maintenance

SAT-2K maintains the equipment that we sell and offers a wide range of support options including:

- WARRANTY: Extended Equipment Warranty

- FACTORY: High Level Factory Support

- REMOTE: Remote Support

- TAC: Support through the SAT-2K 24 x 7 technical hot line

- ON SITE SUPPORT: On-site support.

- TIGER TEAM: SAT-2K tiger team support consisting of specialists that are on standby to fly out on the next available flight to restore the Customer equipment

- 2nd and 3rd LEVEL: Customer to perform first level support and SAT-2K perform 2nd and 3rd level support.


SAT-2K has extensive worldwide experience in maintenance and support ranging from the Middle East to countries throughout Africa. GSM related experience includes providing 24 x 7, 360 days a year on-site maintenance support for over 1,000 GSM sites. In addition, we have maintenance contracts with the major carriers in Africa.