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Spares Support


SAT-2K supports the equipment that we sell. The Company's repair laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive range of test equipment that is calibrated traceable back to international standards that covers from 1 GHz to 14 GHZ and manufacturer recommended special test fixtures. The SAT-2K repair facility is factory certified and the staff is factory trained and certified to allow us to perform warranty repairs and equipment upgrades for our customers. SAT-2K support can result in immediate reductions in inventory carrying costs, and full inventory visibility, plus reduce the total cost of ownership through CAPEX and OPEX without reducing network reliability or performance.


After sales support is critical for the successful implementation of any high technology project. SAT-2K provide training, logistic support, on-site technical support, maintenance contracts and extended warranties. Our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides outstanding support to our Customers 24 x 360 days a year. We carry “float” spare assemblies that are provided as advance replacements to our Customers when they are off the air to restore their service quickly.