Earth Station Relocation

SAT-2K is able to perform de-installation of any antenna for relocation to a new site. The de-installed antenna can be refurbished before delivery and installation to the new site. We provide new and demo satellite equipment for Teleports, Satellite Providers, Telecom Operators, Broadcasters and SNG Operators. Apart from offering de-installation and re-installation services, SAT-2K can perform maintenance and repair/refurbishment of any earth station antenna anywhere in the world such as:


A. 9.3-Meter Antenna Relocation:  Relocation from 10th floor building to remote teleport that included disassembling the antenna and transporting the dish fully assembled, then re-assembling, installation and commissioned LNA’s, HPA’s, Converters and modems. Included SSOG Intelsat approval.

B. 7.3m Antenna Relocation:  Relocation from central site to remote teleport. The system was disassembled but the dish was transported fully assembled. SAT-2K reassembled, installed and commissioned RF equipment including SSOG Intelsat approval.

Sat-2k has the relocation and refurbishing experience that very few were given the chance to do.